Daily Life

Daily Life

Isolation and a decrease in social interaction can be troubling concerns for many seniors, espe-cially those on their own or in facilities not suited to meet their needs. As a small, privately-owned nursing home, we are able to offer highly personalized care and support for each person we treat. We wouldn't operate any other way. Spend some time at Crescent Manor Rehabilitation and you will quickly see that we value indi-viduality as much as we value community. Our warm and friendly staff appreciates and encou-rages the unique attributes each resident brings to our facility. This is our home too, and we always welcome new friends.



Our dietician, dietary services manager and chefs plan and prepare delicious meals that meet the personal preferences and special dietary needs of our residents. Family members are always welcome to join us for meals. Just let us know so we can set an extra plate.

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Daily Life


We welcome and encourage visitors, and have adopted a highly flexible and open policy to best suit busy schedules. Our doors are always open. Whether you would like to come for lunch, dinner or even an overnight stay, we will work to accommodate your needs.

Spending time with family and friends brightens the days of our residents and helps them recover and enjoy life more fully.

Our suggested visiting hours are 8:00AM - 8:00PM



Activities are an important and highly valued part of daily life at Crescent Manor. With residents' input and suggestions, we have tailored our program to satisfy individual interests, needs and abilities and are proud to offer a variety of entertainment and event options. Our "Wishes Come True" committee was formed by residents to plan and organize trips and special entertainment.

Those living in our Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Unit, participate in daily, on-site activi-ties, as well as weekly outings. Past trips have included fishing excursions, luncheons and drives through the countryside at the height of fall foliage.

Some activity choices include:

Cooking Socials
Religious services
Musical performances
Movie screenings
Bingo and other games
Daily exercise
Community outings

Also, each week, there is a "Pet Therapy Day," when families, staff and neighbors bring in spe-cial friends for residents to play with and hold.

Residents with dementia enjoy 12 hours of planned activities every day, including:

Family style dining
Coffee hour
Bread baking
Flower arranging
Sensory program
Functioning program
Tactile stimulation
Walking group
Playing and listening to music
Life skills management (setting tables, folding laundry, etc.)

We work with nearly a dozen groups to develop varied programs benefiting our residents, and the community. Our residents and staff are very active in fundraising and have made significant contributions to local schools and other organizations in need.

Residents at every level of need are encouraged to enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings in one of several open areas.

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