Dedicated Dementia Care

Our residents with dementia live on a private, fully secured wing devoted exclusively to their care. We are united in our efforts to support the self-esteem and dignity of every resident suffering the devastating effects of this disease.

Certified as an Alzheimer's Care Excellence (ACE) facility by the State of Vermont, our program is staffed by individuals with special interest and skills in dementia. Each employee must not only successfully complete a rigorous training program and participate in monthly training sessions, but also demonstrate deep understanding and compassion for this special group of residents.

Families depend on our social service staff for advice, assistance and counseling. Many also benefit from participating in our active family support group.

Elements of our dementia care program include:
  • A fully functional independent, 40-bed unit with its own special dining and activities room
  • An inviting and safe enclosed outdoor area for relaxation
  • A variety of structured, supervised and enjoyable activities for 12 or more hours a day
  • A private family room for quiet family visits
  • Customized food services to ensure proper nutrition and hydration
  • A soothing environment free of unnecessary noise and disruption
  • Design and decor to promote feelings of peacefulness, safety and security
  • Aromatherapy as part of bathing and personal care