Huntington's Disease

Crescent Manor is the only long-term facility in Vermont licensed by the State to provide specialized care for individuals with Huntington´s Disease.

Huntington's (HD) is an inherited disorder that leads to progressive degenerative changes in the brain. Clinical manifestations generally appear in mid-life, and may include impairment of coordination, gait, and mental function accompanied by uncontrolled repetitive abnormal movements called chorea. Difficulty with speech and swallowing are common. Changes in personality, dementia, and behavioral disorders often occur. The disease is progressive over a number of years, and most afflicted individuals ultimately require considerable medical and personal care.

The program at Crescent Manor is tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident and designed to help preserve the highest possible level of physical and psycho-social function.

  • Residents are afforded maximal freedom of movement and independent decision-making.
  • A "primary care" nurse with specialized training in the management of this disorder will provide "hands-on" care
  • The primary care will also coordinate the work of ancillary personnel including physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietary, social services, and activities staff.
  • Deer Oaks Mental Health provides psychological assessment and support services.

Crescent Manor Rehabilitation is committed to preserving personal dignity and providing quality care for residents and their families in a pleasant, supportive and secure environment.